Sarah Gage Photography – Session Flow

I have put together this little storyboard which shows a typical session flow for me.  As you can see, my shots are quite simple, and this is what works for me and my clients.  No over the top props, no digital backgrounds or complicated posing.  I use lots of soft fluffy textures, simple props, rich earthy colours, traditional pinks and blues and classic black and whites.  Generally, we will start your session with your family shot, if there are siblings involved its good to get those done quickly so your busy toddler is then free to go off and play for the rest of the session 🙂  Then simple shots with siblings, beautiful images of your children cuddled up together on a lovely soft rug.  Moving on to parent shots, together and individual with a few different perspectives of each pose, looking down lovingly at your baby and looking at the camera.  Now I know not everyone likes standing and posing for the camera, but these images are so important, for you and your baby!  Your child will thank you in years to come that they have pictures with their beautiful mummy and daddy in that moment! Once the family and parent shots are out of the way, you guys can sit back and relax and watch me shoot, or catch up on some sleep on your lounge while I work.  Make the most of the few hours off while I work with your beautiful newborn. I will do all the settling, only handing your baby back to you if they need a feed. I generally start with a few prop shots, wrapped up in baskets or nests, moving onto soft fluffy fabrics, showcasing that beautiful sleepy curly newborn look.  Then we move on to the beanbag using a few different colour blankets for more of the traditional posed shots.  Nothing is too complicated, I work with babies in natural poses, completely baby led only working with what they are comfortable and capable of but also paying incredible attention to detail, making sure we can see your beautiful babies perfect little features. We will finish up the session with some strong black and white pictures, images of your baby in your hands, and some simple unposed shots.  We also allow some time for awake baby shots, if baby is happy and calm, and close up shots of your babies tiny little features.  This is generally how most sessions work for me. I don’t put any pressure on you or your baby and nothing is rushed, allowing plenty of time for feeding and settling in between set ups if we need to.  From this session flow, we can generally get about 20-30 images for your gallery to choose from. All photographers do things differently, and this is what works for me and what I love.  I also shoot what I know will look amazing when I print your images! I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into my sessions xx

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