When is the best time to book a newborn session?


Places can book out months in advance, so it’s best to book while you are still pregnant. We pencil in your due date, then once baby arrives, we book in a date for your shoot within the first 1-3 weeks after baby is born.


My baby is already 4 weeks old, I forgot to book a session, have I missed out?


Definitely not! Beautiful photos can be captured at any age. Once past about 3 weeks old, babies are generally more “awake” and less likely to curl up into the curly newborn positions. But this age is also great as little personalities are starting to shine through, maybe even some real baby smiles. Whilst I do book out quite early, I do try to fit in last minute bookings when I can. I also offer sessions for older sitting babies which are super cute too.


My baby is unsettled, I’m worried that they won’t sleep, can I still book a session?


Of course! Sessions are 100% baby led and very relaxed. Nothing is rushed and your baby comes first. If we need to spend the extra time feeding and cuddling that is perfectly ok!

I have years of experience settling babies, all I need you to do is feed your baby and I can do the rest. You can be assured your baby is in safe hands too, as a certified member of the academy of newborn photography, and all vaccinations are up to date.


Can I have a family photo with my session?


Absolutely! The family portion of your shoot is done at the start of your shoot. If siblings are involved, we do those first. Then, one parent can say while we finish your newborn’s photos. There is a beautiful park within walking distance of the studio, perfect for the other parent to take any siblings while we finish the newborn photos.


We don’t like our photo being taken and feel a bit awkward, also we don’t know what to wear?


Relax, not many people like their photo being taken, I’m the same! The focus of your session is your connection with your baby, so for the most part it will be impossible for you not to smile at the beautiful bundle you are holding. For clothing I recommend plain solid colours. A full welcome guide with further details will be sent to you once you book.


How long will it take to receive our photos after our shoot?


Usually around 2-3 weeks, however during busy times it can take a little longer, which is always worth the wait. A social media preview will be posted within a few days of your shoot (if you choose to). Then everyone can see how super cute your baby is.


What if my baby poops during the session?


We laugh and we laugh. Seriously, don’t be embarrassed, it’s all part of my job as a newborn photographer.