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Your baby is finally here and you can’t wait to get some beautiful photographs to remember this amazing time forever. They are only this little once and in a few short weeks that tiny sleepy newborn will have grown and changed already. But choosing a photographer to capture your newborn can be a big decision, one that should not be based on price or convenience alone. For many of you, heading out to your newborn shoot, will be the first time you have left the house since your baby was born.   Apart from the midwives and doctors that you met at the hospital, newborn photographers are one of the first people that you will willingly hand your baby over to, putting complete trust in them. Often a newborn photographer will get to hold and cuddle your baby even before grandparents have even met them! So you want to make sure that your photographer is someone that you can completely trust.


Here are some very important things to consider and to ask your potential photographer:


  1. Is your photographer trained and experienced in safely handling newborns?

I have been photographing newborns since 2010 and invested many hours in training courses, covering the technical side of photography and newborn posing. Most recently, I completed training with the Academy of Newborn Photography which is completely focused on the neonatal period. Any number of issues can arise during birth and the newborn stage, and it is crucial that newborn photographers have the knowledge and understanding of this period and to be able to implement this into sessions.




  1. Is your photographer Immunised?

This may be a personal decision for some, however, it is something that a Photographer should disclose to potential clients.  All of my Immunisations, including whooping cough are up to date.


  1. Does your photographer know first aid?

In the unlikely event that an emergency may arise during your session, I am trained through CPR Kids in infant first aid and CPR.


  1. Is your photographer professional, registered and insured?

There is more to photography that just taking pretty pictures, its also running a professional business. Your photographer should be professional from the first point of contact, have a website (not just a facebook page!), have contracts in place, a detailed price list and welcome guide and quality products on offer.

ASK if your photographer is running a legitimate registered business, with the appropriate insurance.

And of course being a hobby photographer is ok too. But your photographer should disclose this to you before you book.   Sadly, anyone can pick up a camera and start a facebook page and say that they are a business. But you really must be sure of who you are handing your baby, and your money over to. And in a lot of cases, you really do get what you pay for, and cheaper is not always better.


  1. What health and safety procedures are in place in the studio?

All props and equipment are of the highest of quality. Sessions are baby led, and safety is never compromised. The studio is thoroughly cleaned before and after every session, and everything that is used during a session is washed and sanitised.  My studio is warm, comfortable, quiet and private. For peace of mind, I welcome anyone that wants to come and meet me, and see the studio, before your session too.


  1. Is the photographer’s work consistent and do you love their style?

There are many types of newborn photography now, which is wonderful, as there is a style for everyone’s taste. Have a look through your photographer’s portfolio. Do you LOVE their style of photography? And is it consistent?

My style is rich and warm. I love the connection between parents and babies. I don’t use massive over the top props, just little pops of colour and cuteness. There are lots of trends in newborn photography, but I just love the Timeless look.


  1. Is your photographer kind and compassionate?

The best thing that I can hear at the end of a session is “WOW, I cant believe how good you were with our baby” or “Can you come over at 2am and help me settle her” I truly love my job, and it is so special to be able to work with these beautiful little people.

Mums, I know you are tired but I will make you feel comfortable and look your best,even if you aren’t feeling it. And Dads, I know that you don’t love getting your photo taken, but don’t worry I will make being in front of the camera quick and painless for you 😉

You should get a “feel” for your photographer through your enquiries, speak to people who have also had a newborn session and ask about their experience’s. Read through testimonials on websites and social media. A good reputation and word of mouth speaks volumes.


Thank you by taking the time to read this post. I hope you will consider these very important things when choosing your photographer to take those very special “first” family photographs.  I hope to work with you and your family soon. 

Sarah xoxo

Sarah Gage Photography Toowoomba Newborn Photographer